[Metin2]Might skills for partisan in metin(12/18/2010)

Dec 18, 2010 09:00:14
As a Metin2 player, Metin2 yang is the finally aim for you to play this game and you should know partisans have a slow skill speed, they hit hard but their skills are slow to deliver and charge. The following can help you more or less.
For a partisan, might is top lien. It is does not master at 17 then use the old lady to do as many resets as you need until it does master. G might is a brilliant skill for multiple reasons against mobs it lowers the damage taken substantially and against players it stops you flopping around the ground. You can skill non stop with G night to stay on your feet constantly.
P might should grant around 330, you are dealt the physical damage and lots of mobs will only hit 1 and 2 on you. It comes off the sword strikes and skills of warriors that you flight but with high levels delivering blows of 8k a damage reduction of 330 is not a great amount and a mirage can take this skill away from you, so before you turn your might on, you should aim to have defense as good as possible.
As a partisan of metin2. you can use the slash skill for delivering good damage to your opponent from a good range about 2 player lengths away. While training this skill you should learn how to run around mobs so that it hits the maximum number at once. It is easy to miss with this skill in player Vs player, because it takes a few moments from pressing the button to it going off and attacks a narrow corridor of space.
Thank you for your reading, have a good time.


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